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Need car detailing in Fairfax, Virginia? We’ve got you covered. Orion Auto Detailing offers interior and exterior car detailing services and engine detailing. We serve all zip codes in Fairfax, and with so many cars and trucks that need car detailing services, you can’t afford not to call us for mobile car detailing in Fairfax. We know you want to keep your car looking clean, fresh, and new, but we do not want you to break the bank for it. Our services are affordable, and we use quality products and reliable equipment.

No more lines at the car wash that barely clean your interior. No more sticky dashboards, crumbs, pet hair, stains, and odors. And most of all, no more of you doing all the work yourself. Let Orion Auto Detailing come to your location anywhere at Mclean Va or Upper Malboro and take care of everything for you. We come to your home or business and detail your car while you take care of more important things. Our combined years of experience ensure that you get amazing results for your car.

Quality And Value In Our Services



Starts at $160

Only the basics and nothing more — sometimes that is just the thing your car needs. The Express Detail includes compound wax and buffing on the outside and a thorough vacuuming of the inside of your vehicle.

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Starts at $220

If you’re looking for a complete detail with a focus on the interior of your car, then this is the right service for you. Ultra Detail includes the exterior compound wax and buff plus an extensive cleaning your car’s interior.

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Starts at $280

The detailing service that every car deserves! Treat your car with our Five Star Detail which includes all the fine points of a basic interior and exterior detail plus Clay Bar Treatment and paint sealant to top it off.

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Auto Detailing Fairfax Va

If you are looking for auto detailing in Fairfax, you have come to the right place. Fairfax is a beautiful, busy, and thriving city that having population of 24146 according to 2020 census . The city is also known for differnt names like fairfax city, downtown fairfax, old town fairfax fairfax couthouse or only fiarfax. Fairfax is also known for quality public utilities, including some of the best car detailing companies. If you are in Fairfax, we hope you will think of us when you need a professional auto detailer in Virginia.

We all know that a car's value starts to depreciate as soon as you take it home. The best way to maintain your car in the best condition is through detailing. An exterior car detailing service will remove all fine scratches, restore your paintwork, and leave your car with an incredible finish and shine from every angle. Exterior car detailing does not involve repair or paintwork, but it includes touch-ups and cosmetic services to make your car look new.

Many drivers often neglect the interior, but it is just as important as the exterior. Interior car detailing ranges from a simple task such as vacuuming to full detailing services such as fabric protection and leather conditioning. Interior car detailing preserves the car interior, eliminates odor, stains, pet hair, dirt, and grime, improves air quality, removes bacteria, protects your seats and upholstery, and improves the car performance. A clean, spotless car on the inside and outside will get you back on the road feeling good and in love with your car.


Scheduling was easy, and they take the extra step to remind you before the appointment. I'm continually impressed by the attention to detail and quality of work. Well done!

Sean, G

Their service is amazing. Easy to book over the phone, great price, and very punctual. The technician was very professional, friendly and wore a mask.

Charles, N

After my experience with Orion Auto Detailing, I had to leave a review. My colleague recommended this gem of a company. We had a wonderful detail, and the detailer worked for over 7 hours, making our two cars sparkle.

Donald, N