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If you are looking for the best mobile interior detailing and exterior detailing services in Upper Marlboro, MD, look no further than Orion Auto Detailing. Enjoy cruising the highway in a freshly detailed car by hiring an expert car detailer in Upper Marlboro from Orion Auto Detailing to thoroughly clean, detail, and protect your car’s interior and exterior.

Orion Auto Detailing has been in business for over 10 years now and offers the best services to its customers. Compared to other car detailers in Upper Marlboro, we are unique because our services are tailored to give you the best detailing experience. We are fully mobile, and our packages are cost-effective because we strive to provide you with value for your money while accommodating big and small budgets.

Quality And Value In Our Services



Starts at $160

Only the basics and nothing more — sometimes that is just the thing your car needs. The Express Detail includes compound wax and buffing on the outside and a thorough vacuuming of the inside of your vehicle.

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Starts at $220

If you’re looking for a complete detail with a focus on the interior of your car, then this is the right service for you. Ultra Detail includes the exterior compound wax and buff plus an extensive cleaning your car’s interior.

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Starts at $280

The detailing service that every car deserves! Treat your car with our Five Star Detail which includes all the fine points of a basic interior and exterior detail plus Clay Bar Treatment and paint sealant to top it off.

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Why You Should Choose Us

There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a car. When someone, therefore, mentions auto detailing, you might ask, it is worth it. Most people tend to go for a regular wash in Upper Marlboro, but there comes a time when a basic car wash will just not do it, and your car needs the touch of a professional detailer. Auto detailing helps you keep your vehicle in the best way possible, removes all visible and invisible dirt and stains, and gives your car a glossy showroom finish look.

There are several car detailers available in the market, especially when we talk about a town like Upper Marlboro with average car ownership of 2 cars per household. Additionally, Upper Marlboro is just 20 miles away from Washington D.C, which means that residents have access to many convenient services, amenities, and opportunities through and through.

Choosing the right professional to detail your car can therefore be a tough decision. Before selecting a detailer, there are many factors to consider, such as years of experience, a guarantee of services, convenience, and prices. For a detailing company with a professional-looking website, you can be able to look at the portfolio and other information before you decide to hire them.

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The people are friendly, responsive, and genuinely want to take care of you and your car. I called for a quote for my exterior, interior, and minor scratches on my Chevrolet Suburban. They are perfect.

Chris, D

Four years down the line and Orion Auto Detailing has never disappointed us. Always on time, very professional, and the detailers always leave our cars sparkling.

Robert, F

They did a fantastic job detailing our two cars. We had to reschedule because of the rain, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Mike, A