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Orion Auto Detailing is a licensed, insured, and certified mobile car detailer in Ellicott City. We have well-trained and fully equipped detailers that come to your location. Whether you want your car detailed at home or in the office, our mobile car detailers in Ellicott City will come to you. By using premium-grade products that are safe for your car and maintaining the highest industry standards, we ensure that we exceed your expectations through exceptional detailing.

Put your vehicle in our hands to peel back years of wear and tear and maintain its pristine condition. A detail can take anything between 2 hours to 5 hours, depending on the package you choose. We have three different options when it comes to selecting the perfect detail for your vehicle: the express detail, the ultra detail, and the five star detail. We also have interior only and exterior only packages! Select the package that suits your car's needs and budget, anywhere in Springfield Va or Vienna Va and we will take care of the rest!

Quality And Value In Our Services



Starts at $160

Only the basics and nothing more — sometimes that is just the thing your car needs. The Express Detail includes compound wax and buffing on the outside and a thorough vacuuming of the inside of your vehicle.

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Starts at $220

If you’re looking for a complete detail with a focus on the interior of your car, then this is the right service for you. Ultra Detail includes the exterior compound wax and buff plus an extensive cleaning your car’s interior.

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Starts at $280

The detailing service that every car deserves! Treat your car with our Five Star Detail which includes all the fine points of a basic interior and exterior detail plus Clay Bar Treatment and paint sealant to top it off.

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Auto Detailing Ellicott City

There are very few things in this world that can compare to the look, feel, and smell of a new car. Sadly, no amount of preservation can keep your car in this pristine condition forever. But when looking to maintain this look and feel or enhance your vehicle’s appearance and maintain its interior, then a complete detail will do the trick.

However, auto detailing Ellicott City is often misunderstood, and most people think car washing and car detailing are one and the same. Car washing is a quick cleaning of the exterior, while car detailing requires the expertise of a professional, knowledgeable, and competent detailer. Detailing offers more attention and care to your car and involves hand washing and drying, vacuuming, and shampooing, leather reconditioning, fabric protection, and so much more.

Getting your car detailed has many benefits and should be a regular part of car maintenance. Some of the main advantages of detailing include protecting the car's paintwork and exterior, increasing the car resale value, removing dirt and grime, enhancing car performance, and extending the lifespan of the vehicle. If done correctly by a professional detailer, your car will look brand new and stunning regardless of how old it is, how dirty it is, or its environment.

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Orion Auto Detailing did a great job cleaning my BMW 3 inside and out, and I’m very impressed with the work.

Nick, N

This is the fourth time I'm using Orion Auto Detailing, and once again, they have done an outstanding job on my car. Always professional and courteous, excellent customer service, and great attention to detail.

Charlie, K

Orion Auto detailers were very patient while explaining all the options to make sure I got the right services. I was impressed, both the inside and outside look fantastic.

Jay, A