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Orion Auto Detailing provides mobile car detailing services across Springfield, Virginia, and the surrounding towns of Alexandria, Arlington, Centreville, Falls Church, and Fairfax. Founded in 2011, we are one of the area's longest-serving mobile car detailing companies. We work with a professionally trained and experienced team of detailers with a passion for quality and great attention to detail.

The services we offer include: your exterior will be hand washed and dried, wax and buff will be applied to make it shine, clay bar treatment to remove contaminants on the paintwork, and finally, we will top it off with 3 coats of paint sealant. For your interior, we will clean the car's windows, air vents, and dashboard, vacuum, shampoo, and condition the car's carpets and seats. Additional services include engine detailing, ozone treatment, and RainX.

Quality And Value In Our Services



Starts at $160

Only the basics and nothing more — sometimes that is just the thing your car needs. The Express Detail includes compound wax and buffing on the outside and a thorough vacuuming of the inside of your vehicle.

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Starts at $220

If you’re looking for a complete detail with a focus on the interior of your car, then this is the right service for you. Ultra Detail includes the exterior compound wax and buff plus an extensive cleaning your car’s interior.

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Starts at $280

The detailing service that every car deserves! Treat your car with our Five Star Detail which includes all the fine points of a basic interior and exterior detail plus Clay Bar Treatment and paint sealant to top it off.

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Why Should You Choose Us

Springfield is the main business center in the southern part of Fairfax, making it one of our main service areas. There is plenty to keep both locals and visitors occupied from shopping, dining, a cosmopolitan life, and buzzing entertainment. Whether you live near or far away from the town center, if convenient services are more your style, make sure to call Orion Auto Detailers for auto detailing services in Springfield, VA.

Not only is car detailing important in making your car look brand new, but it also helps in eliminating odors, stains, and scratches that a basic car wash cannot. It also helps prevent engine problems that arise from poor maintenance and cleaning of the car. Car detailing is not much of a luxury but a necessity that protects the value of your vehicle.

How often you should detail your car depends on the wear and tear of your vehicle, but most experts recommend getting it done 2 to 3 times a year. It is also important to detail a car before selling it to increase its value, after buying a car, after taking a road trip, before a special event such as a family reunion, as a gift to a loved one, and during your annual car maintenance. At Orion Auto Detailing, we have both the experience and tools to get your car looking new and protected. No matter where you are or what services you are after in Springfield, you can trust us with your car..


We are so grateful to Orion Auto Detailing, who showed up on short notice and worked tirelessly to restore both our cars to brand new. Their rates are the best, they are super friendly, work on weekends and are fully mobile.

Jamius, P

I wasn't expecting any miracles, but Orion Auto Detailers did an amazing job. They even went ahead and helped me start the car. I intend to use the services again.

Luis, P

Orion Auto Detailers fit me in their schedule. They were very helpful, and now our car looks perfect and so beautiful. Now it feels so much better driving the car, and we couldn't be happier.

Jonah, T